Personal Parcel Delivery Service: AEMS

  a£º AEMS = International Air Cargo Services + EMS. Working with Shanghai China Postal Services, our company provides a more speedy customs clearance for personal parcels. Once the parcel arrives in China, the postal services will deliver via EMS.

  b£º With rapidly growing purchases via the internet and mail, the volume of personal parcels has increased as a result. AEMS provides quick and inexpensive means of meeting current market needs.

  c£º We, as a logistics company, can provide low shipping costs via air cargo to ship goods from USA to China. Once the goods arrive in China, Shanghai EMS will handle the customs clearance and deliver the package to its recipient. (Note: Delivery area does not include Hong Kong, Macao, or Taiwan)

  d£º Our Shanghai partner is the service proxy for Shanghai EMS.

  AEMS is a legitimate special express service to import personal parcels to China. Since st September 1 , 2010, any goods under $50RMB are duty exempt. In other words, nearly all
imported shipments will have duty.

  Duty will be pre-collected accordingly, based on the regulations of Chinese Customs (Please refer to the index page for duty classification table) in order to allow a speedy customs clearance process. Any unpaid, insufficient duty amont due to an underreported value of the goods will cause a delay in shipment. All duty must be paid in full, in order to have the shipment released from the customs authority.

   Please note: Any item that has a value exceeding $1000RMB has a quantity limitation of ONE item per shipment. For instance, if there are two cell phones or computers in one shipment, the goods would be returned to the USA or detained by customs. Baby formula and health supplements cannot exceed three cans/bottles per shipment. High value items, such as computers, are limited to one per shipment.

  EMS services and tracking: Please visit EMS at for additional information.

  Services Guide:

  Must provide receiver¡¯s name, address, and contact number for delivery.

  Commodity: Must provide a description of the goods in Chinese and declare the true value for Chinese customs inspection and duty purposes.

  Food for personal consumption, beverages, legal alcohol, legal tobacco, leather products, footwear, watches/clocks, apparel, beauty products, medical/health products, kitchen products, furniture, entertainment products, cameras, computer equipment, books, magazines, musical instruments, sporting goods, phone products, etc¡­

  Prohibited Goods: Various types of weapons, articles in emulation of weapons, ammunitions and explosives;

Any type of currency bills or securities;

Printed matters, films, photos, phonograph records, movies, audio tapes, video tapes, laser optic

discs, computer memory media and other articles which are harmful to China's politics, economy,

culture and morality;

Various types of acrid poisons.

Live animals

Foods, drugs and other articles which are harmful to the health of human beings or animals,

which come from infectious disease-stricken regions or which are capable of spreading diseases.

Any articles that are prohibited for air shipping.

Package Size

  a£º Cylindrical box: Longest: 1500 mm and length plus 2 times the diameter cannot exceed 1500mm Shortest: 250 mm and widest 170 mm

  b£º Rectangular box

Longest 1500 mm and length plus wide and height cannot exceed 3000mm\

  1. Package weight:

Do not exceed 40 kg

  2. Fragile or liquid products:

Do not exceed 10 kg


All shipments must be prepared in proper boxes or cylindrical containers to protect the goods

that they contain. If not properly packaged, neither damage nor loss will be compensated.


Maximum insurance amount: RMB 100,000

 Current Insurance rate (2010 March) 1%

Note: When the loss or damage is confirmed, the shipper will receive reasonable compensation,

of which the amount will not surpass the insured value.

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